Work Boots For Women – Are They Different From Work Boots For Men?

Work Boots For Women – Are They Different From Work Boots For Men?

Are Work Boots for Women Any Different
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Are Work Boots for Women Any Different?

With the continued increase in the female workforce on construction sites all over the world. There has been a corresponding increase in the requirement for specialized safety gear. Since women are genetically different from men in terms of physique, work boots for women are one such piece of gear.

Women’s work boots differ from men’s work boots in the follow ways:

  • Smaller size: Naturally, women and men differ in girth and this reflects the smaller size of women’s feet compared to men’s. If women were to wear men sized shoes, they might find them too wide or longer than necessary. Also they would be heavier than would be comfortable, which is why women’s work boots have a smaller profile.
  • Less variety: In spite of the rise in numbers, women are still not as numerous as men in the construction industry. Thus the choices they have for specialized work boots are scarce. It can get frustratingly hard to find a particular feature in a female work boot at times since it may not yet be available. However, as the trend for women to work in the industry continues to grow, the selection of work boots will also increase and improve.
  • Possibly higher pricing: There’s a basic principle of supply and demand. Something that is harder to find in the market is also more expensive. Since there is a lower demand for construction boots for women and they might require specialized manufacturing techniques. This being due to their divergence from men’s boots, they are produced by fewer manufacturers and thus cost more. Even if there isn’t a lot of difference between the male and female versions.
  • Fashion is still a consideration: Even though men get better choices concerning the particular features of their work boots, women will normally have better options in terms of style and color. This is welcomed by many women who don’t want to abandon their fashion sense simply because of working in a particular industry. They can look great while being safe at the same time!

A Work Boot For Women – One Example

Here is one example of nicely supportive work shoes for women. There are lots of other choices available in the market, but this will give you a good benchmark to compare against.

Caterpillar Women’s Kitson AST WPF Work Boot

These waterproof mid-cut boots, with a cement construction, are designed specifically for women. They are made to endure during extremely wet weather. Their safety toes let them withstand any kind of falling danger that may arise in a heavy industry.

They are made out of waterproof full grain leather. This provides both durability and dryness, and nylon mesh has been added for comfort. The removable EVA sock liner makes them shock absorbent while the slip resistant rubber outsole provides great traction.

One thing that these work boots get right is the comfort factor. The patented thermal lining keeps the wearer’s feet at the right temperature regardless of the weather conditions outside. These comfortable work boots for women have the issue of being a bit roomy in the toes for some. However, in all other aspects they are excellent.

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