Best Work Boots for Comfort – Top 2 Reviewed

Best Work Boots For Comfort
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What Are The Best Work Boots for Comfort?

It is always the same when you need another pair of work boots. Not only should work boots protect your feet from hazards, they should be comfortable to wear all day. Additionally, they should also be affordable. And by affordable, I mean the should deliver as much value for money as possible. Here at the Work Boot Planet, we give you the Best Work Boots for Comfort.

Top 2 Best Work Boots for Comfort

Here are top 3 Work Boot Planet recommendations for the best work boots for comfort.

Workboot Weight (oz) Customer Rating Price
Thorogood 814-4200 American Heritage 6″ Moc Toe Boot, Tobacco, 10.5 D US 80 4.4/5.0 Check Price
Timberland PRO Men’s Direct Attach Six-Inch Soft-Toe Boot, Black,10 W 32 4.3/5.0 Check Price

Thorogood 814-4200 American Heritage Moc Toe Boot

Rated by Primer Magazine, as the most comfortable work boot, this America-made boot has received positive reviews from customers throughout.


The 6.25” shaft provides solid support to your ankles. Longer shafts can cause discomfort, and we feel the shaft height with this particular shoe hit the perfect spot. The cushioning and the support has impressed many experts, as you don’t expect this much of padding in a work boot and this has been the reason for joy for most customers.The shoe come in three fits, narrow, standard and wide and this makes it suitable for every kind of feet. Finally the midsole and the fiberglass shank, which is widely recognized as a highly supportive midsole, does the same with this boot.


This shoe uses a Goodyear Welt construction and a manmade sole, so no comprises were made as far durability is concerned. Most customer reviews clearly show that this shoe stand the test of time. The premium leather apart from giving this shoe a great appearance, hold up well in different work conditions. However some experts have felt, the water can reduce the longevity of this shoe. If you work around liquid or water puddles then don’t expect the shoe to provide the same level of durability.


It provides decent grip in slippery conditions and the leather upper would work fine with moderate amount of debris, but excess debris, according to Primer Magazine, can cause problems. It is not waterproof and also won’t do great job shielding your feet from the cold weather, so working outside during winters wearing these might not be a pleasant experience.


If you are buying this from a comfort point of view you won’t have to deal with any noticeable con. But we feel that this should could have some protection from water, and lack of waterproofing is the are where we feel this shoe lacks at.

But, if you want your work boots to be comfortable, and that is your major concern you will be more than satisfied with the Thorogood 814-4200. This American made work boot is quite good looking too.

Timberland Pro 26036 Direct Attach Soft Toe Boot

If you are looking for a mid-ranged work boot with superior comfort, and moderate security, then the Pro 2306 can be a good choice. Read our review to find out how it does in areas of safety and durability.


The shoe uses direct attach construction which is known to provide best comfort in work boots. Apart from that the shock resistant diffusion plate and plastic midsole offers optimum level of comfort in all terrains. This shoe belongs to the Timberland’s Pro line, so it comes with the 24/7 comfort suspension system which has received rave reviews from experts. Finally the odour is taken care of with the Anti-microbial treatment.


People at Work Boot Critic, feel that the durability of this shoe depends on the working condition. In a construction site, this shoe will wither out quickly, and you might have to look for replacements after an year. But if you work in farms or other areas where you don’t have to deal with the a lot of debris, then these shoes will stand the test of time.


This work boot does an impressive job as far as safety is concerned. Firstly, it provides safety from electrical hazards. Secondly its seam less design makes this a decent waterproof shoe. The Thermolite Insulation also protects you from the cold weather. Timerland with its rubber lug outsoles, has provided good traction in wet conditions in the past, and it continues to do with this shoe.


The shoe lacks the durability which you expect from a Timberland shoe. Also the appearance of this shoe is quite bland and doesn’t appear to be in line with some of the modern work boots.

If you are not working in a hard-core construction site, or an industry where you have to deal with heavy equipment, this shoe won’t disappoint you. It is recommended for anyone looking for high grade comfort and moderate safety features.

Final Words

  1. Thorogood 814-4200 American Heritage 6” Moc Toe Boot – Most experts believe that it is the most comfortable work boot available and it doesn’t do a bad as far safety is concerned. This comfort however comes at price.
  2. Timberland Pro 26036 Direct Attach 6” Soft Toe Boot – If you are looking for a slightly affordable comfort work boot, you can go for this one. The Direct Attach Construction should give you the right amount of comfort.
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